M&G Appliances Shop shall repair appliance free of charge, if appliance is not repairable we will replace item with something of the same value within your warranty date.


Should the Appliance need to be repaired said repairs will be completed within 3 to 5 business days, fridges may take longer and a loaner fridge will be sent out if needed.


This is an IN-SHOP POLICY, meaning appliance need to be brought into the shop for repairs. If for any reason a tech has to go to your home the expense is on you. We repair in our shop only.


M&G Appliances Shop shall not be responsible for damage caused by appliance failure, such as food loss or flooding.


M&G Appliances Shop shall not be responsible for any damage by appliance such as: Water Leaks, Torn Floors or scratched walls, cabinets and/or floors.


All repairs or replacement policies are null and void should any of the aforementioned exemptions be discovered. If any work is done on appliance by any other person.


This policy shall be in effect for the 60 days, whichever your warranty covers Parts and Labor for mentioned warranty period from date of purchase.


Refrigerators need to be transported to and from the appliance exchange in the standing position. Laying down a Refrigerators will void the warranty. Do not plug cord into Surge Protectors.


Glass on top of Ranges are not covered by warranty, Compressors of Refrigerators not covered under warranty, Refrigerators will be replaced. Ice and water dispensers are not covered. During cold weather, washers need to sit for at least 2 hours to melt ice in water pump.